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Out Adian Slane54HumanEngineer
Out Aliona Redhead 80SylvariElementalist
Out Annika Johansson80NornGuardian
Out Araqua80SylvariRanger
Out Arturin0HumanRanger
Out Cotton Wings0HumanElementalist
Out Cursed Addict (don't really have one though)0CharrNecromancer
Out Cydney0AsuraMesmer
Out Eckard Solstrum80HumanMesmer
Out Ecki Solstrum26AsuraGuardian
Out Equally Damaged 80HumanMesmer
Out Espion Litar23SylvariElementalist
Out Exo Dyo0AsuraElementalist
Out Farrokh80AsuraThief
Out FaTL0NornWarrior
Out Garden Chair0HumanThief
Out Gingerfield0AsuraThief
Out Illusionist Trearu0SylvariMesmer
Out Jedaye76NornGuardian
Out Kwasha80AsuraElementalist