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KrisHQ / May 02, 2013
Hey everyone.
I'm writing this entry because this topic is something that we've disussed internally.
As you probably already know, having 15 members online simultaneously is almost impossible.
It's getting difficult finding groups for Dungeons, Players for Guild Missions, For PvP and WvW. So instead of disbanding or keep finding PUGs the idea of merging sounded promising.

I have not spoken with any other guilds yet, because i wanted to know your opinions first.
I can assure you that nobody will be left behind, i'll make sure of that.
There a few criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order for me to accept the merge, and the major one is of course that Nick and I will be granted co-leadership.
Due to GW2's mulit-guild system "The New Reality" will not disband (obviously for safety reasons as well).

An alternative:
There is something called SGC on Aurora Glade, which is an umbrella guild where small guilds can collaborate. This could also be a solution, but i dont know exactly how it functions. I'll try to contact one of the leaders.
KrisHQ / Feb 27, 2013
Hey guys & girls!
With the latest additions to the game, influence has become more important than ever before. There is no doubt that larger guilds benefit more from this change than than smaller ones, but we will of course strive to unlock what we can.
Currently the cheapest Guild Mission costs 30k Influence and is the "Guild Bounties Unlock" in the Art of War line. We have approximately 15k influence at the moment, so there is a little way to go.
Besides the Guild Bounties the other missions costs 50k influence, and possibly an amount of Merits (gained doing guild missions).

So how can we optimize our influence gain?
First of there are some basic mechanics that are noteworthy. Namely how influence is actually gained.

  • Events: 2 Influence /person, 20 Influence for a group of +2 guild members.
  • PvP wins; 5 Influence /person (Supposedly no bonus for doing stuff together)
  • Dungeons: 10 Influence /person, 100 Influence for a group of +3 guild members.
  • 10 Influence for the first 20 members logging in /member (Which is easily 100 influence a day). You do not have to do anything besides logging in and representing. It takes less than 2 minutes.

As you can see, the increase in influence is huge by partying up with only 2 guild members. Even if we're a small guild, this should be more than possible. There are several things you can do, that are easily done by partying up. And the keyword here is PARTYING, it seems the boost is only gained if we actually party up.

  • Gathering materials in Orr and noticing a temple event? Shout in guild chat and party up! This will grant you rewards from chests, karma and influence!
  • A dragon event coming up? (Timers can be found here: Make sure you let other members know and party up!
  • Doing your daily lvl 10/20/26 fractal? Make sure to ask in guild chat if anyone wants to come. Keep in mind that you can easily invite lvl 1's for your lvl 10 party, and still get the daily reward.
  • A little time to waste before dinner or bed? See if you can find 2 guild members for a CoF Path 1 Speed Run! Takes 10-15 minutes, grants you 3 loot chests, 60 tokens that can be exchanged for rares and 100 influence. Seems good to me!

Another thing i would like to propose is a weekly gold deposit for the guild bank. This is not because i want the commander title, but because you can gain 10k Influence for 20g.
I personally think an amount of 1g weekly would be appropriate. It should be pretty manageable for everyone. "Hey Kris! I do not want to spend my precious gold on stupid influence!" You might say. But hear me out :)

Guild missions (when completed) have a 100% chance of granting 50s, two rares or exotics and two "Commendations" as well as Merit. In itself this is way over the one weekly gold, and you can use commendations to buy ascended gear or exotic backpieces.
So imo the one weekly gold will in the longer run pay itself, because the rewards for guild missions are pretty generous.
Please also keep in mind, that the more people who deposit gold the faster we will unlock the missions. And as with everything else, if we all contribute, it will be less gold for individuals in the end.
It will require an officer or leader to activate the guild missions, and i encourage all officers to grab the chance of starting a guild event whenever we have the numbers.
If you feel like you could do good as officer (based on activity and game-knowledge and reliability) please whisper me :)

You can find more information regarding Influence here:

If you have other easy suggestions as to how we can easily and casually gain more influence, please let us know in comments or IG!

- Best Regards


Getting Gold - A small guide!
By Adian

In regards to the above post by Kris, and the suggestion to deposit 1g per week, I was asked to write a small guide on how to amass gold. I'm by no means rich myself (been playing since headstart, and have a total of 60g banked), but I'll try to help as best as I can anyways.

Obtaining gold on its own:

  • Dungeon runs: Each time you complete a dungeon, you will be awarded 25s. In addition, any chests you open during the run, will grant you a couple of silver as well. You'll also usually get 3 Bag of Coins, each containing 2 - 4 silver.
  • CoF can completed in 10 minutes, with the correct party setup.
  • Orr Dynamic Events: Completing any Dynamic Event in Orr, will give you between 1s 75c - 1s 86c (Gold Reward). Due to the sheer amount of people there, you'll be able to complete events very fast! (Bronze reward is around 1s 40c).
  • Fractals of the Mist: During an even numbered level (2, 14, 26 etc.) you will open a total of 4 chests, each containing a small amount of silver (1-3 usually). The last chest (at Jade Maw) will also contain a Bag of Coins. During an odd numbered run, you'll open 3 chests.
Generally, it's difficult to obtain large amounts of gold, if you're not willing to sell / salvage / craft and alike. But don't worry, I'll cover those options as well.

Selling or salvaging rares:

  • Dragons & Orr Meta Events: Completing any of these will reward you with a huge chest at the end. Following the update yesterday (26th), these chests now have a greater chance of dropping rares/exotics (I got 5 rares today, by doing each of the Dragons), but you'll only be able to do them once a day. Each rare is approximately 35s on the Trading Post if you choose to sell it. Salvaging a rare above level 68, will give a chance to receive Ectos (0-3 for Rares, 0-5 for Exotics). These are 40s each on the Trading Post.
  • NB: Kris linked a timer previously, bookmark it for easy access.
  • Fractals of the Mist: I already covered this to some extent, but the Jade Maw chest at the end have got a really high chance of giving rares. This includes Lodestones (50s - 3g on TP) and Cores (5s - 60s on TP), as well as 'Named Exotics' (Usually between 3g - 10g on TP).
  • Dungeon runs: Completing any dungeon (in explorable mode) will give you 60 specific tokens. These can be traded for rare items at the vendors in Lions Arch (30 Tokens pr. rare). These rares can't be sold, but can however be salvaged for Ectos! Just make sure that the dungeon is of level 68 or above (ie. AC Tokens are no good).

Trading Karma for Gold:

If you've got large amounts of Karma, and you don't really know what to do with it, well - You're able to "trade" it into gold, by being a little bit smart.

  • Buying Greens: This is basically pushing your luck. For 854 Karma, you're able to buy a green Wayward Axe from Tactician Sebastian in Frostgorge Sound. Fill your inventory with these, and throw them all in the Mystic Forge. There's about 20% chance of getting a level 80 rare item, which you then can either sell or salvage.
  • Crafting Karma Items: Lots of weapons require some sort of Karma-Item to be crafted, e.g; Beaded Trident. Crafting 1 will cost you 1575 Karma and 43 Copper. These each sell for about 22s (considering Listing Fee, you'll earn about 19s pr. Trident). A highly recommend for stuff like this.
  • Lost Orrian Jewelry Box: Any Karma Merchant in Orr sells these. For 4550 Karma, you'll get 1 box. Each box has a small chance of giving Lodestones, Everlasting Tonics and a Minipet. You'll also get 2 - 20 Unidentifiable Objects (250 of these, sells for 1g 25s at any Merchant). Again, this is a gamble, as the chance to receive Lodestones are fairly small. Kris and Araqua each spent 1 million Karma on these boxes, and they both got a profit of around 20g.

Trading Skill Points for Gold:

This is where the money's at. If you've already unlocked all the skills on your character, and you're litterally just stacking up on Skill Points, without knowing - you've been sitting on a gold mine.

  • Mystic Forge Recipes: By using 50 Skill Points, a small/large amount of materials and some Mystic Coins (earned through daily/monthly, and can be bought at 9s/Coin on the TP), you're able to create items that easily sell for +10g. I'm going to use the Mystic Weapons for this example; Recipe is here. In total you need 12 Orichalcum Ore, and 30 Mystic Coins, with a total cost of 3g. These can then each be sold at around 10g, netting a profit of 7g pr. 50 Skill Points.
  • If you're willing to follow the market, you'll be able to earn a lot more than that though (Last week, you could get a net-profit of 11g pr. 50 Skill Points on Accursed Chains).

Simply Gathering

I had to include this at the end. It's an excellent way of earning money. There's a total of 15 Orichalcum Nodes in the (PvE) world, each giving 3-4 Orichalcum Ores. That's 45 - 60 Orichalcum Ores a day, each selling for 3s 31c on the TP. For Orichalcum Ores alone, that's 1g 49s to 2g every single day.

Then there's also Ancient Wood Logs, Omnomberries, Orrian Truffle and Passion Flowers (Passion Flowers are 38s each!). I'd suggest you all to check out, for all the locations of Nodes.

Final words:

All the things I've listed here, does not account for random drops, random coins from mobs, Tier 5+6 Crafting Materials and so on. Instead, I've presented a secure way of earning a bit of extra cash each day, with a small amount of work.

Please do know, that we're not forcing anyone to deposit gold each week. It was merely a suggestion for those who can spare, or want to put in a little bit of work, in order to get something nice for the guild. We hold no grudge against anyone, if they choose to sit tight on their gold.

I really hope this little guide has helped, and I'm looking forward to doing Guild Missions with you all.

Best regards,

PS: I can't recommend WvW for gold. Not ever.
Adian / Jan 25, 2013
Hey everybody.

Tonight, the 25th of January, the last day of our matchup against Gandara and Dzagonur, we will try to organize a Guild WvW Event, as a last effort in helping our server beat Gandara.

Everybody who has the time and will, should be online tonight at 21:00 GMT+1. We'll then split up in as many parties as possible, each party having a leader that's able to communicate with the rest.

As you all know, NR is not about zerging or winning, but merely about having fun. And tonight is no different. We'll just do our best, have a good time, and hopefully get a few memorable moments on the way. Therefore, it also doesn't matter how good at PvP you are - everybody can join us, regardless of skill.

If you want to prepare for tonight, a clever thing to do, is to complete the WvW Jumping Puzzle, in order to get 2-3 Siege Weapons. We're gonna need as many as we can, if we want to capture larger structures.

As a final note;
We recently ditched C3 as our VOIP, seeing as it frequently bugged out for me, used a lot of memory, and had subpar sound quality. Instead, we're now using a program called Dolby Axon. It works a lot like C3, in that you're able to freely create Guild Channels, but the sound quality is way better, and it uses a lot less memory.
If you're interested in chatting with us tonight, we'll be online at Dolby Axon from around 19:00. All you have to do, is add either "Adian" or "KrisHQ" to your friend list, and we'll invite you to our guild channel. Also, remember that we're from Denmark, so bad english accents are no excuse not to be there ;)

Voice chat is not required to participate, but it's encouraged - We always enjoy chatting with you lovely people.

See you all tonight, and well met.

Here's some inspiration for you, courtesy of Kris;
KrisHQ / Jan 08, 2013
Hey guys. I might have told some of you that i had a project in the makings. And finally gathered enough clips for a decent movie.
The quality is shit because i had to compromise it, my upload speed is very bad!
I hope this can motivate or inspire you to join me in Wvw! ;)

Roaming #1

I have reuploaded the movie with better rendering settings. HD should soon be available! (Just click the same link)

KrisHQ / Dec 05, 2012
Just another little update!
Tonight at 19:00 GMT+0, Aurora Glade (our server) has decided to host a WvW event. It has been announced several times IG as well as on

I just wanted to let you know because i think ill be there to see what it's all about! It would be awesome if we could create one or two small groups and contribute to the succes of Aurora Glade.
The information to our VOIP has been posted in the previous news-entry! If people want we can meet there for easier communication.
You have to register at the site to visit the forum, so i will copy-paste the original thread here for you to read :)


The next server wide initiative will take place on Wednesday 5th, starting 1900GMT onwards. The codename for this will be OPERATION SPARTA

We have built on what we learnt from Operation Triumph, and Operation Sparta will take some of these elements into account, not the least of which is better organisation, communication, objectives, and a SECRET element that will not be made public.

OPERATION SPARTA WILL BE SPLIT INTO TWO FORCES, based on the Spartan Phalanx's traditional armament - the SHIELD, and the SPEAR

Deployment and Objectives of FORCE: SHIELD

In ancient Sparta, losing ones shield was seen as a major disgrace. Soldiers where told to return with their shield, or on it. Therefore Force Shield will be tasked with defence of the homeland. They will be deployed and fight within the Aurora Glade Borderlands. Their objective is to secure all 145 points

Deployment and Objectives of FORCE: SPEAR

The Phalanx fought as one solid block, and when two opposing Phalanx met on the battlefield it was a constant tug of war, back and forth, until one Phalanx broke. Force Spear will be deployed to the Eternal Battlegrounds, with the objective of hitting the enemy head on and applying constant pressure. They will secure the 260 points available in the EB, while keeping the bulk of the enemy force locked in combat.

If we can achieve victory in these two areas, we will secure 405pts, whilst allowing the enemy only 145pts each. We NEED these points. More than kills, more than battles, more than random engagements, more than hour long battles that get nowhere - we need points.


Rather than try for random pick up groups as in Operation Triumph, this time we will have a group of volunteers tasked with a specific duty. The codeword for this will be PSILOI
KrisHQ / Nov 22, 2012
Hey guys!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for staying with us and The New Reality even though we have had some inactivity and struggles. Thank you for creating a nice, relaxing and mature community IG.
Remember to greet everyone when you log online! It encourages and promotes guild-chat, which then leads to guild-activities.

We are occasionally on voice-chat if we're doing Dungeons, WvW or Jumping Puzzles. So ill leave the information here if you want to join sometime!
I'll be sure to make you know when we (I) log on C3, and it's totally fine if you prefer to listen to music or enjoy the IG-sounds.

Small step-by-step guide to C3:
1. Download the program at: Click me!
It is of course free.
2. Install the program.
3. Create an account
4. Change your settings (Push to talk, Audio Devices etc.)
5. Search for a channel called: "The New Reality"
6. Enter the password: shivtr
7. You're all set to laugh at my horrible viking-accent. (Viking sounds more badass than Scandinavian)
KrisHQ / Nov 02, 2012
I just wanted to let you know that Arena Net is atm beta-testing a new FoV for widescreens. I have tried it, and it is very nice. Way better than the old one.
You can test it as well by following these instructions:

1) Create a shortcut to your GW2 client (right-click -> “Create Shortcut”)
2) Right-click the GW2 client shortcut
3) Click “Properties”
4) Locate text field labeled “Target.”
It should contain the file path of your shortcut, and will look something like this:C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe
5) Type -testVerticalFov at the end of the Target line
Be sure to include a space between .exe and -test.
The line should look like this: C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe -testVerticalFov
Please note that your Target line may or may not have quotation marks. If it does have quotation marks, this tag should go outside of them. So it will look like this:
“C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe” -testVerticalFov
6) Once the command line has been added, click Apply -> OK.
7) That’s it! Jump in and play with this new setting, and post your feedback in the following thread:
If at any time you want to return to the old FOV, simply remove the –testVerticalFov from your target line and it’ll return to normal.

KrisHQ / Oct 27, 2012
The event is at 8:00 for Scandinavia but still 19:00 GMT+0. I totally forgot about the DST change this night!
So remember it might be an hour earlier!

At sunday Anet will host a one-time halloween event in LA, which should be pretty huge. It will start 19:00 Gmt+0 which means that its 19:00 for UK and 20:00 for Scandinavia!
I encourage you to show up because i will definitely be there, and hopefully we can attend the event as a guild! :)