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Let's merge! Or?

KrisHQ / May 02, 2013
Hey everyone.
I'm writing this entry because this topic is something that we've disussed internally.
As you probably already know, having 15 members online simultaneously is almost impossible.
It's getting difficult finding groups for Dungeons, Players for Guild Missions, For PvP and WvW. So instead of disbanding or keep finding PUGs the idea of merging sounded promising.

I have not spoken with any other guilds yet, because i wanted to know your opinions first.
I can assure you that nobody will be left behind, i'll make sure of that.
There a few criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order for me to accept the merge, and the major one is of course that Nick and I will be granted co-leadership.
Due to GW2's mulit-guild system "The New Reality" will not disband (obviously for safety reasons as well).

An alternative:
There is something called SGC on Aurora Glade, which is an umbrella guild where small guilds can collaborate. This could also be a solution, but i dont know exactly how it functions. I'll try to contact one of the leaders.


I have got nothing against a 'merge', especially since you mentioned the multi-guild system. Hadn't thought of that, actually.
I also think SGC is a good idea, both as a temporary solution and perhaps something more permanent.

Now if only we could know if they intended to implement an Alliance system...
+ 1 to what Mat said! Being mainly(99,999%) PvE player i would love to have a bigger group of people to ask about joining dungeons and the like.

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